Series 1, Episode 3: The Everyday Mediator Meets The Divorce Go To Girl

Divorce Go To Girl on Ready 2 Mediate

Meet the Divorce Go To Girl, Renee Catt, when she chats live with Rebecca on this week’s Ready2Mediate.


Who is the Divorce GO TO Girl?

Renee Catt is Australia’s leading female expert in Life After Divorce.

Through her Bootcamp and Beyond Bootcamp programs, Renee gives you everything you need to make your new single life one that has clarity, directions and certainty. Her programs help the newly singles to fast track their emotional recovery.

Renee shares the lessons she learned on her own journey form breakup to breakthrough.

Watch the episode above as Renee shares some of those stories with us, along with her views the Family Law Court system (and why mediation is a more attractive option).

Series 1: Family Law Mediation

An exciting new webinar series with Rebecca Carroll-Bell TO help you prepare for and get the most out of mediation, conciliation and ADR generally.

Feeling frazzled, anxious and stressed about a mediation or conciliation coming up?

Many people now have access to free and low cost mediation and conciliation via the Family Court, WorkCover, Fair Work Australia, VCAT and the courts. In some of these ADR options, parties can bring a support person with them, but are discouraged or not permitted to have their lawyer with them. Even if they are permitted to have a lawyer with them, the cost can be prohibitive.

I understand how scary and nerve wracking a conciliation or mediation can be. I also know how important it is to have everything well prepared, and to communicate clearly and with confidence during the session.

To help you prepare for your mediation session or conciliation, I have created a series of free webinars and workbooks called Ready2Mediate.

what to expect at family law mediation

In this episode we look at the process and procedure for a family law mediation including:

  • Who will be there.
  • What happens, how family law mediation works.
  • When do I get to speak?
  • Do I have to speak?
  • Can I take someone with me?
  • What will we talk about?
  • The differences between a joint session and a private session, and why the mediator uses each type of session.
  • How long family law mediation takes.

Prepare for Family Law Mediation

Are you:

– in the middle of a family dispute mediation process;
– supporting a friend or partner who is engaged with family dispute resolution services; or
– recently separated from your partner or spouse and are not sure how to discuss separation and settlement.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, or have a friend, colleagues or family member in that situation, then Ready2Mediate – Preparing for Family Law Mediation is for you!

Mediator Rebecca Carroll-Bell has over 10 years’ experience as a trial lawyer, negotiator, and conflict resolution strategist.

During the webinar series Rebecca will share her advice, techniques and strategies so you can:

  • look past the emotional trigger points and uncover the issues at the heart of the settlement process;
  • reframe and redirect the conversation with your ex away from rehashing past grievances and onto a more productive, forward-focussed path;
  • find new perspectives on old problems;
  • stay focussed on the outcomes you want, and avoiding being distracted by an emotional ambush; and
  • feel cool, calm and confident for your next mediation session.