Elder Mediation

Many elder Australians fear their voice will be lost when it comes to important health, wealth and lifestyle decisions. They worry that their views will be dismissed out of hand, ignored, or that decisions will be made without any consultation at all.

Elder Mediation ensures your voice is heard and your point of view is taken into consideration when decisions are being made about your future.

What is Elder Mediation?

Elderly men in conversationElder Mediation is a structured process that facilitates direct communication and discussion between you and those involved in your care; it helps you make decisions about health and lifestyle challenges; and enables you to resolve any conflicts arising in the context of ageing.

The aim is to make sure that the elder person is involved in resolving disputes and making decisions relevant to his or her circumstances.

The process brings together everyone involved in making the decision or resolving the dispute. This may include the elder person, their family, friends and other support people.  Elder Mediation creates an environment in which everyone has a chance to speak and be heard, to work together to resolve issues and make decisions.

Download an Elder Mediation Fact sheet to learn more about this empowering dispute resolution process.