Workplace Mediation

Is workplace conflict costing you time, money, productivity, clients? Mediation can help.

Using everyday language and real life scenarios, workplace mediation to the bottom of whatever the problem is, and from there, help you create a plan to get over it and get on with the job at hand.  

Problems with staff constantly bickering, making complaints against one another and taking time off?

Each member of your staff wants the same 3 things:

  • To be seen, heard and have their say;
  • To have their unique experience acknowledged and validated; and
  • To have some sense of control over their future.

Workplace Mediation lets each person involved in the drama to have their say, be validated, and contribute to a plan for the future. Through the mediation process you will to identify and express the root cause of your conflict and explore possibilities for resolution.

Depiction of the Mediation Process

The Mediation Process involves exploring past issues, examining present circumstances and imagining a better future.

looking for someone to come in and help sort out the problem, get rid of the drama, and get everyone back to work?

The mediators’ role is to create and hold the space for you to work through your conflict, keep the conversation on track and on point, and make sure the rules of mediation are upheld. My style blends the traditional formula preferred by lawyers, barristers and courts with a little bit of tough love where needed. Where behaviours need changing, I will have you rehearsing and role playing your new script. Where expectations and beliefs are unreasonable, I will challenge your attitude and give you a reality check. Where you need to stand your ground and make your point I will encourage you to do so. When you need to shut up and listen to the other person, I will tell you so.

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