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A Testimonial is a beautiful way to say  Thank You

A Testimonial is a beautiful way to say Thank You

Want to know Bec a little better? Not sure if she’s the right mediator for you? Read these testimonials from some of her clients, collaborators and fans.

Testimonial from Jason Hanmer, High Conflict Family Law Mediation Coaching client:

“Bec, can I say a massive thank you for all that you have done during what has been a rather difficult time for me.

When I met you, I had recently been separated, had been through the process of a parenting mediation, and had started on financial mediation with my former wife. It had become very apparent that the desired outcomes and attitudes of both parties were wildly different. I felt that I had a calm demeanour, almost business-like dialogue, yet it was very much the opposite coming back!

Having met and discussed the stages of mediation with you was a breath of fresh air. You were very calm and thorough, and made me feel that I was on track in terms of the whole mediation process. You helped me to be more effective in calm and meaningful communication, highlighting what I had been doing right, and guiding me through area’s that I didn’t know and needed assistance and advice with.

Since settlement, current communication with my former wife is currently not entirely great,yet you have given me very powerful tools that I constantly put into practice. You have helped me to promote and encourage better dialouge and attitudes between us. I’m sure in the future there will be a time where there will be amicable communication, and it is you that I will praise and thank. I would happily recommend you to anyone who is going through the separation and mediation process, and wish you all the future success that you deserve.

Yours faithfully,

Jason Hanmer, 6 February 2016



Testimonial from Melinda Samson

“If you think that a mediator could help you reach a legal resolution (and reduce your stress while saving legal costs) or a court orders you to mediation, your first step should be contacting Rebecca. Then the process will flow and your situation gets resolved.”

Melinda Samson, Owner, Click-Winning Content


What people are saying about Rebecca’s Online Resources:

“This is an awesome web guide that will answer many questions about Mediation. It is an excellent resource for those who have a mediation scheduled or planned as a phase in their legal matter.”

James E. Novak, Defence Attorney, Arizona USA

Other Testimonials for Rebecca

“Rebecca and I participated in an open space group discussion with 20+ participants. Participants had a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives and the discussion veered off-topic. Rebecca demonstrated impressive initiative and remarkable facilitation skills to step up and lead the discussion. She not only guided everyone back onto the specific topic, but asked incredible questions that challenged participants to get to the heart of their thoughts, act on the spot and share their ideas/concerns far more specifically than they initially voiced.

If you want to come to a decision with another party or group and are finding it challenging to reach a mutual agreement, I recommend Rebecca as your professional facilitator/mediator.”

Kristy Moore, Hand Up Australia

“Rebecca is an excellent communicator, she understands situations/explanations quickly and is able to explain in detail and in layman’s terms where she can value add, help you resolve a situation, be totally impartial, and able to bring a swift conclusion to a difficult situation bringing a win-win to both sides.”

Marsha Byron, Owner, www.designershowcase.com.au

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Rebecca Carroll-Bell, The Everyday Mediator

Rebecca Carroll-Bell The Everyday Mediator