Separation and Divorce Mediation

The end of a relationship is tough on everyone. On top of the uncoupling your home, finances, social, work and family life, you also have to navigate the legal system. And the one person upon whom you used to rely is now “the opposition”. RCB Mediation can help by providing separation & divorce mediation services, assisting you to resolve family disputes.

Let me help.

You can rely on me to support both partners get through the negotiation with:

  • a clear and consistent mediation process,
  • fixed fees, and
  • fixed start times.

Mediation is proven to save you:

Time – you could wait months for a court trial date, and then months longer for the decision.

Money – a court trial can cost >$10,000 per day, each!

Stress – few people enjoy being cross-examined in the witness box.


Meet Rebecca

During my 10 years as a lawyer I honed my excellent listening and negotiation skills, which, combined with my psychology training, helps me facilitate communication between you and uncover new ideas and exciting solutions.

Photo of mediator Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Conflict Resolution Specialist
Rebecca Carroll-Bell

I will always:

  • use plain English not lawyer-speak
  • remain impartial and independent
  • afford each party the opportunity to speak and be heard
  • ensure I understand you, through active listening, reflection and re-framing
  • respect and uphold your confidentiality and privacy
  • maintain a negotiation environment that is respectful and safe.

I will not:

  • give any advice to any party to the family dispute mediation
  • make decisions
  • tell you what to do
  • enforce any resolution or agreement.

Ready to book your separation or divorce mediation session?

It’s important to remember you should consult with each other to agree on the mediator, the time, date and place of the mediation, and how each party will contribute to mediation fees.

When you are ready to book your mediator, have the following information on hand:


  • The full, legal names of all parties to the case
  • The name and location of the court
  • Have you already booked a venue for the mediation? If so, the name and address on hand. If not, do you want Rebecca to find a venue for you? (Remember that venue fees apply on top of Rebecca’s fees)

Not quite ready to book mediation?

Choosing a Mediator is a lot like choosing a hairdresser – you are placing a lot of trust in their hands! That’s why I offer a FREE initial consultation during which you will:

  • Learn about the  separation or divorce mediation process,
  • explain your situation,
  • tell to your side of the story, and
  • ask any questions you may have.