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Mediation Coaching – strategic and emotional support for high conflict SITUATIONS

Rebecca Carroll-Bell Conflict Resolution Specialist and Principal of RCB Mediation Services

Mediation Coach Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Mediation Coaching to help you with: 

  • Family Dispute Resolution;
  • VCAT Mediation;
  • The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria;
  • A Pre-Hearing Conference;
  • A Conciliation Conference;
  • the Magistrates’ Curt Mediation Programme; or
  • any other conflict resolution process?

Are you feeling:

  • nervous;
  • uncertain;
  • scared;
  • anxious; or
  • generally confused about what happens in mediation?What do I take to mediation? Get your free check list today

Many of my clients don’t know where to even start, so I have created an easy to use Check-list: What to Take to Mediation.  You can grab your free copy right now by clicking here: Free Checklist


get REady for mediation with personal coaching

Did you know that, as well as running mediation, I am also a Mediation Coach? That means I can help you prepare for your conflict resolution meeting, so that instead of nervous, uncertain or generally unsure, you will feel:

  • confident about presenting your side of the story;
  • clear on what happens during mediation
  • well prepared;
  • ready with a check list of documents and other items to bring; and
  • generally composed and primed to resolve the issues quickly, efficiently and to your satisfaction.

Starting with a 90 minute Discovery Session, we will work together intensively to get you ready for mediation. Through the Discovery Session and following exercises you will identify the issues in dispute, think about what outcomes you would like to achieve, prepare your opening statement, and practice how you might present your proposed outcomes to the other party.

I will be there with you at your mediation in Melbourne, or available by phone for support and coaching for mediations in other jurisdictions.

This one-on-one coaching is designed to prepare you for your mediation.  As your mediation coach I will not provide you with any advice, make any decision or tell you what to do. I will guide you through the process of preparing and writing your opening statement, with a list of questions and tips specific to your journey and the factors that are most relevant and persuasive for your particular dispute; in essence I will create a step-by-step guide that is tailor made for you.

Free Consultation – Find out how mediation coaching will work for you

Keen to find out more? Call today on 0411770125 or email with your best contact number and I will be in touch to set up your initial consultation, free of charge.

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