Other Dispute Resolution Services

Rebecca call backMediation Services 

  • Day long mediation
  • Serial or recurring mediation sessions
  • Co-mediation
  • Family Mediation or Facilitated Family Meeting

Going to VCAT & Pre-mediation coaching 

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As your conflict coach I can go with you, or help you with pre-mediation coaching if the mediation is being conducted by another mediator, for example, through the Magistrates’ Court, VCAT, or the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.

During your 90 minute coaching session I will help you to identify the issues in dispute, think about what outcomes you would like to achieve, prepare your opening statement, and practice how you might present your proposed outcomes to the other party.

This one-on-one coaching session is designed to prepare you for your mediation. As your mediation coach I will not provide you with any advice, make any decision or tell you what to do.

Pre-mediation coaching sessions start at $99 (Valued at $297).

Other services:

  • Meeting chair
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Dispute resolution policy review
  • Settlement conferences

How can I engage RCB MS?

The easiest thing to do is to call me on 0411770125 to discuss your situation, or book a call back or free consultation via Skype or Google Hangouts using the buttons on the right.

You could also fill in the contact form, send me an email or write me a letter. Fees apply only once a date for mediation has been set.

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