Court Ordered Mediation

RCB Mediation Services specialises in Court Ordered Mediation

Rebecca Carroll-Bell Conflict Resolution Specialist and Principal of RCB Mediation Services

Rebecca Carroll-Bell

“As a lawyer I found two things I can do to really help when you are caught up in a court case:

1. Empowering you to tell your own story; and

2. Helping you find a resolution to the dispute as quickly and cheaply as possible, while keeping stress as low as possible.

Why do I love my job? Well, aside from having a fabulous boss, I love helping people to resolve conflict, overcome disagreements and create win-win solutions. Unlike lawyers, I don’t take sides, which means I get to work with all parties to relieve tension and find creative solutions. Being impartial means I have the freedom to explore all options and generate new ideas that are simply inconceivable when one is defending one’s own side.

My clients tend to walk in to the room weighed down by their worries and fears. Through the process of mediation I watch them shed their stress and by the end of the day I see them walk out lighter, happier and more hopeful, with a plan of action and a sense of certainty. That sense of relief and regained control is the greatest gift I can give my clients.”

Mediation is proven to save you:

Time – you could wait months for a court trial date, and then months longer for the decision

Money – a court trial can cost >$10,000 per day, each!

Stress – few people enjoy being cross-examined in the witness box.

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For Court Ordered Mediation read on.

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Guaranteed start times – don’t spend hours waiting your turn for court based mediation.

No Lawyer-speak! Negotiate in plain English.

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The Court made mediation orders. What next?Take the stress out of Court Ordered Mediation

Has the Court ordered you to mediation?

Representing yourself? Not sure what to do next?

You are in the right place! I specialise in mediation.

With fixed fees and guaranteed start times, I will take care of those mediation process from beginning to end (even booking the venue)  so you can focus on resolution.


 What happens at Mediation?

I will guide and support you through a structured dispute resolution process proven to help you:Court Ordered Mediation Process

  • identify issues
  • develop options
  • consider alternatives
  • evaluate outcomes
  • communicate openly about the conflict
  • make decisions about future actions and behaviours.

The Mediation process is built on consent, and for that reason, it is vital that all parties to the dispute are present and participate. Yes, that means you will have to be in the same room as them. I will be right there alongside you, keeping the conversation on track, giving everyone the opportunity to speak and to be heard, and  maintaining the integrity of the process.

The mediation process may be conducted in one day, or in a series of shorter sessions over weeks or months.  The format and duration are up to you.

During my 10 years as a lawyer I honed my excellent listening and negotiation skills, which, combined with my psychology training, helps me facilitate communication between you and uncover new ideas and exciting solutions.My promise

I will always:

  • use plain English not lawyer-speak
  • remain impartial and independent
  • afford each party the opportunity to speak and be heard
  • ensure I understand you, through active listening, reflection and re-framing
  • respect and uphold your confidentiality and privacy
  • maintain a negotiation environment that is respectful and safe.

I will not:

  • give any advice to any party to the mediation
  • make decisions
  • tell you what to do
  • enforce any resolution or agreement.

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It’s important to remember you should consult with each other to agree on the mediator, the time, date and place of the mediation, and how each party will pay mediation fees.

When you are ready to book your mediator, have the following information on hand:

  • The full, legal names of all parties to the case
  • The name and location of the court
  • Have you already booked a venue for the mediation? If so, the name and address on hand. If not, do you want Rebecca to find a venue for you? (Remember that venue fees apply on top of Rebecca’s fees)

Not quite ready to book a mediation?Book a free 30 minute consultation RCB Mediation Services

Choosing a Mediator is a lot like choosing a hairdresser – you are placing a lot of trust in their hands! That’s why I offer a FREE initial consultation during which I will:

  • explain the mediation process,RCB Mediation Services call back
  • ask you about your case,
  • listen to your side of the story, and
  • answer any questions you may have.


Technical Stuff – Magistrates’ Court of Victoria Mediation Orders

The Magistrates’ Court of Victoria’s civil mediation process applies to claims exceeding $30,000. After the defence to a claim has been filed with the Court, a registrar will review the case and decide whether the case appears to be suitable for mediation.

The parties will be informed of the Court’s intention to refer the matter to mediation and will be given 21 days to raise with the registrar any matters that would be relevant to a decision about mediation or when the mediation should occur.

If no issues are raised by the parties, a mediation order will be made.

Within 14 days of the mediation order, the parties must nominate a mediator and notify the registrar of the agreed details.

The parties should consult with each other to agree on the mediator, the time, date and place of the mediation, and how each party will contribute to mediation fees.

The parties must contribute in agreed proportions to the fees of the mediator and the cost of the mediation venue.