About Rebecca

Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Conflict Resolution&Prevention Strategist

About Rebecca Carroll-Bell Mediator My passion as a mediator is to help you resolve disputes amicably, in a timely manner, and with lasting results.

I believe an important element of ADR is giving parties the chance to “be heard”.  I offer them the opportunity to tell their story within the mediation framework, which is both confidential and without prejudice. My services are flexible and take into account the legislative, logistical and human dimensions of disputes and litigation.

With my strong litigation background combined with a degree in psychology, I appreciate the myriad of factors that may influence a party’s ability to reach a negotiated outcome. Often, issues lying beneath the surface of the dispute prevent litigants from reaching agreement.  Mediation can uncover and resolve those underlying issues, increasing the prospect of settling the overall dispute.

As a corporate lawyer at State Trustees, acting for vulnerable clients in disputes that were often distressing to clients, their families and carers,  I saw firsthand the transformative effects of mediation. After witnessing people heal old rifts, rekindle relationships, and seize control of their own future through mediation, I decided to peruse my own mediation practice, to mediate not agitate.

Given my own experiences, I am not at all surprised that a recent study by Professor Donna Shestowsky of the University of California Davis found that litigants in civil matters prefer mediation more than any other forms of alternative dispute resolution; and we all know that happy clients tell their friends, family and colleagues, which leads to more referrals for lawyers who engage in appropriate dispute resolution processes.

Read about my education (here) and professional experience (here) which span a variety of jurisdictions from personal injury and workers’ compensation, to tax disputes, insolvency and debt.